Recorded readings

You can book a personalised video recorded reading using tarot and/or astrology.

I no longer separate my readings out into specialised areas so it is important for you to communicate exactly what area you would like to focus on, provide any questions and relevant information or state “general” if you are unsure.

Be sure to provide an ACCURATE time, location and date of birth for astrology.  Please state if the time is an estimate as even a few minutes out can make a huge difference to your reading and this is something I can work with if I know.

Be very specific about your expectations.

Once you have sent payment please email or send a private message on Instagram or Facebook with the information for your reading.

Book a 1-1 consultation for other services

I am qualified to work in areas of blood analysis, holistic health, counselling, coaching, healing and ceremony work and cater my sessions individually.

It is compulsory to have a (free) consultation before working together to ensure we are a good fit.

I will work around a budget and have many free and affordable resources available for those who need them.

If the booking form does not work, it may mean I have no availability, please reach out via email, Instagram or Facebook messenger.